Basic Maintenance for a Fishing Rod

clean the rod

Fishing rods usually do not need as much consideration as reels, which is why many anglers overlook their sticks until something breaks. When you are in the offseason or have some down time, nevertheless, you need to look about your sticks while doing basic upkeep on the remainder of your fishing gear. There could be more to assess than you believe and work on.

Fundamental Fishing Rod Care

  • It’s possible for you to clean a stick with a soft brush or material along with soapy water if it’s crud on it, which it may if you fish regularly with egg bags, cut bait, or alternative dirty fish components. However this is only for decorative effect. Check for places where the pole was smacked against some thing, while you are cleaning the pole blank; there is nothing you certainly can do about it, except recognize that a section that is nicked could be a breaking point later on.
  • Locate a hairline fracture or rough area by running a cotton swab or a part of fine mesh netting, nylon stocking, or similar soft fabric through the inner part of the band. You have a need for a brand new guide in case it gets.
  • It’s possible for you to replace a guide yourself in case you are in possession of a similar-sized replacing with the exact same kind of foot (single versus double, as an example). Place on a workbench and make use of a candle flame or a cigarette lighter to warm the thread as well as the metal foot, if wrapped. Take care not to warm the blank, that will destroy the pole. Set on using hot glue, shrink tube, or thread wrap. Instead, you might have a tackle store replace a guide for you.

carefull clean the rod

  • Assess the outer metal that retains the interior band while you are scrutinizing guides. Sooner or later the interior band will pop out if that is got a chance in it. This means you will not get the finest activity out of the pole and its parts, thus replace the entire guide right away, and normally occurs under the pressure of fishing.
    If a guide is bent, you might be able to use pressure that is judicious to coax it back into alignment, but take care not to break the internal band free. In case the footer comes free as the consequence of correcting, or is free, a dab of epoxy in the foundation could be enough to fix it in position.
  • In case the reel seat is free, it may be secured by some epoxy, but there is an excellent opportunity the pole must be replaced.
  • In the lower portion of the female end, which is often coated with pole varnish to help reinforce it, assess the ferrules for breaking, particularly on a multi-piece stick.
    Eventually, ensure to keep your sticks correctly. This could be along a wall with three or two spaced vertically in a holder, or supports. Don’t let a stick lay bent against some thing, which might induce it to take a set if left that way or a wall.