Fishing Reel Care And Maintenance

Abu Garcia reel services supervisor Bob Hulme has spent 17 years educating fishermen the best way to care for their fishing gear, and throughout it all he’s continued to express one major criticism: too many fishermen do not.
Hulme says a scarcity of the most straightforward care is not just trivial, but in addition counterproductive and pricey. “Now’s quality reels are a leading financial investment for the majority people. It only makes sense to draw out reel life and increase our complete fishing enjoyment via a simple and cost-effective care plan,” Hulme said.
As the Abu Garcia specialist points out, the reels of now are actually precision gear, and regular care is necessary for peak operation. “First of all, be careful to maintain the outside of your reel clean. Wipe it away frequently and never, never lay it on the earth.” “Too many fishermen don’t see the worm gear degree wind system ought to be lubricated frequently-as frequently as every month in the event you fish a good deal,” Hulme included. “Directions for doing this, together with the appropriate oil, come with all our Ambassadeur reels. Examine the lubrication directions carefully, in the event you are unsure the best way to lube the vital elements of your fishing gear. And, when you are finished oiling the worm gear, use some to the reel handle knobs too. They want it also.”

Hulme stated that saltwater anglers should rinse their reels off with fresh water following each fishing excursion. “But do it gradually,” he warned.
The following measure, based on Hulme, is a rapid program of some kind of silicone spray at regular times. After a shot of spray, Hulme said the reel ought to be wiped down thoroughly to eliminate any surplus, then kept in a tidy, dry area.
“I encourage anglers to put away their reels in a case or bag to stop dust build-up,” Hulme said.
The Abu Garcia service professional said that by following this simple care list, your reel will remain prepared to go fishing. However he added a note of warning. Hulme stressed. “And, at least annually, each reel ought to be fully disassembled for a thorough cleaning and lubrication procedure. Yet some anglers locate this endeavor a bit also visiting, plus it may be less difficult to simply take or send the reel to a service center. The reel will be there taken by a tech apart, clean it and oil it for a little charge. In return you will get some peace of mind and several, many additional hours of service from the current quality fishing gear.”